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The Tools We Offer

Our experience with online social network building shows that a client sometimes has the technology and infrastructure in place, and only needs our help with the people part of community building. Sometimes the tools and technologies are flexible and sometimes not.

In most cases, though, our clients don't yet have a sense of the tool set required to build the online social network they have in mind. RA can assist with the process of identifying, purchasing or building, installing configuring, and managing the right tools.

To meet these client needs, Rheingold Associates partners with the leading online social network software providers to offer the most powerful community building tools available today.

Our Tools:

Caucus is web-based social online network software that allows community participants to use any web browser, from anywhere in the world, to be involved in the network. At Caucus-based community sites the user may utilize the highly flexible and intuitive user interface to incorporate text, graphics, streaming media, and/or hypertext markup language in their message board posts.

WebCrossing is the one of the leading communications software for online communities and collaboration groups. WebCrossing message board and chat software is a powerful tool for building and maintaining virtual communities and online social networks. WebCrossing software is known for being scalable, easily customizable and fully extensible.

iPrism is for clients who need a customized communications platform, especially for virtual teams and intranets, where group calendaring and other collaborative tools should be integrated with forums and chatrooms. iPrism offers teamware based on "real-world" experience. iPrism is developed by practitioners who are working to develop a true blend of process, facilitation, and technology that enables productive online virtual teaming.

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