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Caucus is web-based social online network software that allows community participants to use any web browser, from anywhere in the world, to be involved in the network. At Caucus-based community sites the user may utilize the highly flexible and intuitive user interface to incorporate text, graphics, streaming media, and/or hypertext markup language in their message board posts. A few of Caucus' powerful features are:
  • Any time or asynchronous posting
    Unlike chat and instant messaging, Caucus-based community participants need not be online at the same time in order to join a discussion. Caucus web-conferencing enables your organization to continue structured discussions for days, weeks, or months.
  • Flexible Organization
    Organizing discussions in a way that optimizes participant time while maintaining typicality is a challenge online. Caucus addresses this issue by providing a flexible organizational structure. Discussions in Caucus can be organized under conferences, within which different topics can be contained within individual discussion items. In this way, areas can be set apart to meet a range of organizational needs from planning to learning, organizing, or socializing.
  • Intuitive Features
    Caucus is designed with a simple yet powerful interface which makes it possible, within minutes, for anybody who knows how to use a web browser to feel comfortable in a Caucus conference.

    Each post in every discussion item can be designed to be a small web page, with full hypertext markup language and multimedia capabilities or can be a simple post that requires no more than typing comments into a text box and then clicking the "post" button.

    Clickable links are easily made from one post to another, from any post to any discussion item or to an entire conference, or to any location on the Web.

  • Secure
    Private, password-protected conferences can be set up to house discussions of sensitive matters. User groups can be created so that each participant has selective access to assigned conferences.
  • Fully Customizable
    Caucus features its own specialized Caucus Markup Language (CML), a tool that makes customization of your discussion space easy and efficient. Rheingold Associates furnishes the expertise to take full advantage of CML capabilities.

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