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Experience is the primary ingredient in any success formula for virtual communities and online social networks. Effective online communication is a social enterprise that CANNOT be reduced to a formula. Enterprises which need to launch virtual communities, online meetings, conferences, or other events, and online social networks, benefit most from a planning, design, and implementation process that is informed by the deep experience in all forms of online communication that Rheingold Associates offers.

The Rheingold Associates infrastructure models the online virtual community solutions we work with our clients to achieve. Howard Rheingold and the RA team confer and collaborate on projects from offices world wide. Rheingold and the team utilize all the tools - message boards, email, chat, instant messaging and more, to create strategy, build online social networks, and offer training to an international base of clients.

Organizations who work with Rheingold Associates benefit from:

  • Access to the most respected and experienced online social networking experts in the world.
  • A commitment to developing ideal solutions to our clients' needs and goals *with* our clients. We don't do "off the shelf."
  • Leveraging of online communication media to move projects along efficiently with a minimum of time-swallowing meetings.
  • Extensive experience in teaching the effective use of online media tools to meet a wide range of organizational challenges.

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