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iPrism is for clients who need a customized communications platform, especially for virtual teams and intranets, where group calendaring and other collaborative tools should be integrated with forums and chatrooms, iPrism offers.teamware based on "real-world" experience. iprism is developed by practitioners who are working to develop a true blend of process, facilitation, and technology that enables productive online virtual teaming. The Prism Project has global offices covering Europe and the US.

iPrism teams with Rheingold Associates to deliver a Three Phase approach to building collaborative, community-oriented online teams:

  • Start-Up Phase
    Achieving a strong project start is a high-value necessity that requires both technology and professional services including facilitation. iPrism has developed an effective Start-Up process including calendar based task management, facilitated process-driven discussion sessions, and online Requirements Document Assembly.
  • Performance Phase
    This phase builds on the requirements specified in Phase 1. Using facilitated process-driven methods, this phase blends existing enterprise groupware applications and process models with a community-based system developed specifically for online collaboration. Using advanced tools and experienced facilitators, assembled team members integrate tools and customize their online environment to better reflect the specific needs of their organization and/or project group.
  • Progression Phase
    This phase is often neglected but truly represents a potential value as teams arriving at this stage will have learned valuable lessons in the process of becoming productive. In collaboration with Rheingold Associates, iPrism provides a structure for knowledge transfer, and tools and methods to ease them into either a new project or into a mentoring role for new teams within the organization.

iPrism teamware includes special tools and a Caucus-style discussion form, a rich-text editor/spell checker, and includes specialty tools and utilities developed specifically for online community-based collaboration.

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