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WebCrossing is the one of the leading communications software for online communities and collaboration groups. WebCrossing message board and chat software is a powerful tool for building and maintaining virtual communities and online social networks. WebCrossing software is known for being scalable, easily customizable and fully extensible.
  • Web Crossing conferences can be read with any Web browser, email software, newsreader software, or most wireless phones.
  • Real-time chat is fully integrated for ongoing chat capabilities and large, live auditorium chat events.
  • As many people as you want can use Web Crossing at the same time.
  • Web Crossing can easily be made to look like the rest of your site.
  • Making Web Crossing do extra functions is easy with Web Crossing's scripting language or standard JavaScript.
Built on a scalable Internet/intranet server, Web Crossing features threaded or linear discussions, integrated newsgroups and mailing lists, full email services, secure communications, personal calendar services, real-time chat, and live event functionality. All the features are fully extensible with leading-edge web application programming capabilities.

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