Frequently Asked Questions: Basics

This is my first time in the Electric Minds conferencing system. Where is the best place to start?
Explore a few conferences. A few suggestions: Help and The Commons (both in the Meeting of the Minds) and Being Here in the Virtual Community Center.

What are conferences, topics, and responses?
A conference is a collection of discussions clustered around one major issue, region, or topic. A conference contains topics. Each topic discusses a particular subject relating to the larger conference subject. Responses are individual comments posted into topics by conference participants.

For example, Movies would be a conference, Hitchcock a topic, and Vertigo is a great movie! a response.

What is my Favorite Conferences List?
A Favorite Conferences List is your customized road map to conferencing. The list is displayed and can be edited by clicking on
Settings in the lower left-hand frame and then clicking on the Conferences tab.

How can I find the conferences I am interested in reading?
When you click on Conferences from the Your View page, you will see a drop-down list of available conferences.

What is a pseudonym? How can I change it?
A pseudonym is the name with which you will be associated when you post a response. When other users read your posts, they will see your pseudonym along with your userid. You can change your pseudonym for a specific response by typing it into the box directly above the post box, or you can change it for an entire conference from the Topic View of a conference by typing it in the Conference Pseudonym box and then clicking the Set button.

I just want to read the new responses since the last time I visited Electric Minds. How do I do that?
Click on Your View in the lower right-hand frame, and then click on Read New Responses. You will be able to read all new responses in every topic in all the conferences on your Favorite Conferences list.

How do I go to the content (columns and stories) area from the conversation area?
From the upper left-hand frame, you will be able to click on the "Go To" link which will take you to the column or story which relates to the conference you're currently in.

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