Frequently Asked Questions - Settings

Clicking on Settings in the lower left-hand frame takes you to a series of pages which allow you to customize the way you view conferences in WELL Engaged (Minds version).


  • How many responses should be shown at a time?
    • Sets how many responses are shown in one window in a topic which has no new responses. Also sets how many responses at a time are displayed in the Response View of a topic (ie "Scroll up XX Responses.")
  • How many responses should be shown before new responses?
    • Sets how many old responses will be shown in addition to new responses in a topic that has new responses.
  • How many responses should be shown if there are no new responses?
    • Sets how many responses are shown when you click on a topic which has no new responses.
  • Do you want certain strings ("http", "telnet", etc.) translated to links?
    • "Yes": Turns those strings into active links which will spawn a new window when you click on them.
    • "No": Turns off this feature.
  • Do you want HTML controls stripped out of responses?
    • "Yes": Turns off HTML in posts. All posts will show up as normal text.
    • "No": Turns on HTML in posts. You will be able to see HTML which has been embedded in posts.
  • How many lines should the post box be?
    • Changes the size of the box in which you can post a response.


Allows you to manipulate your Favorite Conferences list. Select a conference from the pull-down menu in order to add it to your list, use the "up" and "down" buttons to change the order in which conferences appear on your list, and use the "delete" button to remove conferences from your list.


Allows you to filter a specific user or users so that you do not see their posts. If you have a user filtered, and the user posts, you will see a message like this instead of the post:

(Filtered Response...13 lines).


Allows you to put information into your profile that other Electric Minds users can see. In order to see this information, click on the userid in a post. A new window will be spawned which contains the user's bio information, as well as their homepage, if they have one.

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