Frequently Asked Questions - Conferences

How do I go to a specific conference?
When you click on an arena name in the upper left-hand frame, you will be presented with a list of all the conferences in that arena. Clicking on a specific conference will take you to the Topic View for that conference.

You can also click on the name of a conference from your Favorite Conference list or type
[conference name]
in the shortcut box.

How do I edit my Favorite Conferences List?
Click on Settings in the lower left-hand frame. Then, click on Conferences in the right-hand frame. There, you will be able to add and delete conferences as well as changing the order in which they appear on your Favorite Conferences list.

You can also type

add [conference name]
remove [conference name]
in the shortcut box.

What is the easiest way to keep up-to-date with conference discussions?
The Read New Responses function is the easiest way to keep up to date on conference discussions. When you click Read New Responses, you will be able to read all new responses since you last visited the conference.

You can read new responses in all the conferences on your Favorite Conferences list by clicking on Your View and then clicking on Read New Responses. You can also click on Read New Responses from the Topic View of a conference to see all new responses in that conference.

What does the Conference Info and People button do?
Clicking on the Conference Info and People button will display a screen that tells you the name(s) of the host(s) of the conference you're in, as well as a description of the conference, and a log of recent visitors to the conference. The log can be sorted by pesudonym, username, and most recent vist.

How can I see a list of most active recent topics?
On the Topic view of a conference, you can sort the topic list a number of different ways by using the Topic View bar:

Clicking on Current displays all currently active topics. Clicking on All displays all topics. Clicking on Forgotten displays topics you have forgotten. Clicking on Retired displays topics which have been retired by the conference hosts(s).

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