Frequently Asked Questions - Topics

What is a topic?
A topic is a collection of responses, presented in chronological order, that pertain to a certain subject.

How do I read a topic?
From the Topic View of a Conference, click on the topic title you wish to read. If there are no new responses, you will be shown a certain number of responses. You can determine this number in the
Settings area.

If there are new responses, you will be shown the new responses. Once you are done reading the topic, you can click on View Topics to go back to the Topic View of the conference, or you can click on Next Topic to see the next topic with new responses. If there are no more topics with new responses, you will go to the Topic View of the conference.

I can't find a topic of particular interest in a conference. Can I open my own topic to begin a new discussion?
Yes. To start a new topic, click Add a Topic from the Topic View of a conference. Enter the topic title, a brief opening comment about the topic, and then click Post to start the topic. Other conference participants will now be able to read this new topic and post to it.

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