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new york
mark mcclusky and jessica safran

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Apr 22

Drunks and Elephants
St. Patrick's Day turns New York City into one darkly surreal circus parade, in this Jam report from Mark McClusky.

Apr 8

Starting Up, High Up
Jessica Safran scales the midtown heights to visit a Japanese-owned new media agency bent on surviving in New York.

Mar 4

An Alternative Music Knitwork
Mark McClusky turns a bunch of nights of great music into a Jam report on the online and offline action at New York's Knitting Factory.

Feb 18

A Tale of Two Cities: New York in Berlin
New York Jammer, Jessica Safran visits her second home, Berlin, and finds it more wireless than smokeless.

Jan 14

underground web
Mark McClusky rides the subways, both real and virtual.

Jan 7

Welcome to Televerse
Jessica Safran mixes with the players at a live/recording of a web-based New York Cyber-Soap Opera.

Dec 24

itp: information to process at nyu
Most grad schools don't change that much in two years. NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program has.

Dec 12

geeks to the white courtesy telephone
Geeks to the White Courtesy Telephone: Mark McClusky's latest from New York

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