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You've reached the gateway to the Minds Palace, the new virtual world from Electric Minds and Zenda Studio!

To explore the Minds Palace you will need to download the free palace software. Click here to do that.

The Minds Palace is a colorful online hangout, where you can:

Chat in real time with other "like minds"
Bonfire Chat (Sample Screen 88K)
Create your own animated character
Avatar Kit (Sample Screen 88K)
Join live interviews with special guests
Talk Show (Sample Screen 88K)
Play addictive party games
Charebus (Sample Screen 88K)
Interact in creative workshops
Improv Story (Sample Screen 88K)

Come be a part of it! It's the next best thing to meeting face to face.


Come join our growing community of Electric Minds conversationalists for discussions on a wide range of subjects.

In order to contribute to the conversations, you will need to register with Electric Minds.

Once you do that, then come on in to the Palace Conference, introduce yourself, and exchange thoughts and information with the rest of our community.

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