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Everyday at 5 pm Pacific, we gather at the Minds Palace to chat, play and explore new forms of online social interaction:

Here are snapshots and transcripts of recent events on the Minds Palace. Also check out our Schedule for upcoming events.

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Bumgardner InterviewElectric Minds Live! is a weekly talk show hosted by Fabrice Florin. Every Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific, we feature live interviews with cyberspace pioneers, pundits, and visionaries about virtual communities and the future of social computing.

Interview Transcripts

Jim Bumgardner
Bob Rossney
Tim Oren
Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis
Mark Jeffrey
Lisa Herschbach (aka Arctic Frost)
Fabrice Florin
Robert Hass
Jim Woodring
Laura Lemay
F. Randall Farmer


Charebus is Zenda Studio's addictive online party game (a cross between charades and rebus puzzles). Every Saturday at 5 pm Pacific, we host live, hour-long games. Each Charebus puzzle features a different mystery phrase. After our warm-up game, prizes from our sponsors are awarded to Charebus winners. Coming soon: a round-the-clock Shockwave version of Charebus!


Stop by the Wall o' Props to make your own character from a huge collection of body parts designed exclusively for the Minds Palace. To put on an eye, arm or leg, simply drag it over your face and drop it. Voila: it's the new you! You can do this even if you are not a registered Palace user. Click on the arrow sign to see all of our props, or click on the bonfire to grab random props.


The Minds Palace features all sorts of "inter-activities" for your enjoyment. You can play them with old friends - or break the ice with strangers. Let your creative juices flow and have a blast ....

World Wide Jam

The Worldwide Jam stage was designed for group activities like Improv Theater and Dance Parties. Check the 'Bonfire of the Avatars' show to join in those impromptu events. If you want to host your own party or workshop here, just make an announcement in the Palace Conference.

Edge Tech

Click on the red eggs in the Edge Tech room to play different sounds and make music with others. Or use the Palace's built-in paint tools to create Mural Art.


There is a Word Play activity in the Tomorrow room. Click on the blue buttons to make new words appear. Move them around like fridge magnets to make random poems.

Remember, the Minds Palace is an experiment in virtual community. So feel free to try new things and collaborate with others to push the interactive envelope. If you find a neat thing to do, post it in the conference and invite folks to make it better. It's YOUR PALACE.

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