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This Help section includes our House Rules, our Quick Reference, as well as links to the Palace FAQ and other sites that will help you get the most from the Palace software.

Also, check out the Palace Conference (Electric Minds Conversations: Meeting of the Minds). There, you can raise questions and / or carry on threaded discussions about your Minds Palace experience.

House Rules

You are responsible for your own words and actions. Treat others with respect and they will do the same for you. Palace "wizards" can restrict the behavior of anyone who gets out of line. Here are some basic rules of thumb:

  1. No abusive or disrespectful behavior to the other visitors to the Electric Minds palace
  2. No soft or hard porn avatars (or props) allowed
  3. No attempts to test or compromise the palace security

Enter at your own risk. Electric Minds and Zenda Studio are not responsible for user supplied content.

Quick Reference

YOUR AVATAR: In any Palace you visit, the pictorial figure that represents you is called an "avatar."

CHANGING YOUR LOOK: To change your avatar, click on the smiley face (or satchel) icon and then double-click on the face (or prop) of your choice.

MOVING: To move your avatar, click anywhere on the screen. The avatar will follow.

TALKING: To talk to others in the room, type your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and hit return.

WHISPERING: To speak privately to someone, click on their avatar's name. Click on the status bar to break this private channel.

SEE THE LOG: To see the transcript of all exchanges, hit "Control-L" (Macintosh users substitute Command for Control).

OTHER ROOMS: To go to different rooms, hit "Control-G".

OTHER PEOPLE: To find other people, hit "Control-F".

GO BACK: To go back to the room you just left, hit "Control-B".

QUIT: To exit the Palace, hit "Control-Q".

SPEECH BALLOONS: To change the shape of your speech balloons, use any of the following commands:

SOUNDS: To play any of the following sounds, type any of the words below preceded by the ")". Be sure to capitalize exactly as the sounds are listed below. The standard Palace and Minds sounds include:

  Amen, Applause, Belch, Boom, Crunch, Debut, Fazein,

  Guffaw, Kiss, No, Ow, Pop, Teehee, Wet1, Wind, Yes

  edge1, edge2, edge3, edge4, edge5, edge6, edge7, edge

  wwjam, tmplc, main, cmmplc

ACQUIRING PROPS: (registered Palace users) If you're a member, you can add your own props to the satchel. To capture a prop, drag it down to the satchel at the bottom of your screen. To copy a prop use "Control-Click" (Macintosh users substitute Option for Control).

ACQUIRING PROPS: (unregistered Palace users) Unregistered users can wear props from our Wall o' Props. Simply drag the prop of your choice and drop it onto your face. However, only registered Palace users (a.k.a. "members") can save our props into their satchel or create their own props.

CHANGING APPEARANCE: (registered Palace users) To save a particular avatar, pull down the "Macros" menu, select "Record Macros" ("Save Macros" for Mac users) and select a number for that avatar.

HOW DO PEOPLE CHANGE APPEARANCE SO QUICKLY? Macros. These are a pre-set sequence of commands. Select "Record Macros" ("Save Macros" for Mac users) and select a number for that avatar.

FANCY STUFF: Custom actions and special effects in the Palace are accomplished using "script" programming. To learn more about these, check out the online documentation or go to the excellent Palace-Users Group FAQ.

Meanwhile, our favorite stop for assistance with graphics is Dr X's House of Props 'n' Bots.

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