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Every day at 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time), we invite members and guests of our community to join us for "Happy Hour". Events range from simple meetings between community members to scheduled shows and interviews. Below is our usual weekly schedule.

 SATURDAYS at 5pm (PST)  "Charebus", Zenda Studio's addictive new online party game.
SUNDAYS at 5pm (PST)  "Bonfire of the Avatars" w/Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis & Friends  (Ritual Zaniness and Avatar Circus)
TUESDAYS at 5pm (PST)   "Geek Show" w/cyberentomologists, Jim Race, and Peter Glover (TechChat)
WEDNESDAYS at 5pm (PST)  "Electric Minds Live!" w/ Fabrice Florin (Interviews with Visionary Minds) Check out some of our recent interviews.
THURSDAYS at 5pm (PST)  "The Jill & Ruz Show" w/ Jill Davidson and Christian Ruzich (20-something rumble).
FRIDAYS at 5pm (PST)  "Random Access" questions & answers on how to use the Palace software to interact with the Minds palace.

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