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Meet some of the regulars who hang out at the Minds Palace!

Howard Rheingold (a.k.a. Howard Q. Funboy) is the founder and Chief A-Ha Officer of Electric Minds. He is a noted journalist and author of such books as "Virtual Reality" and "Virtual Community." He also hosts special Rheingoldian editions of Electric Minds Live!
Fabrice Florin (a.k.a. Coyote) is President of Zenda Studio and has spearheaded its creative design since forming the team in 1991. Fabrice regularly hosts Electric Minds Live!
Mark Petrakis (a.k.a. Spoonman) is the Creative Director of Minds Palace. His is also producer of the World Wide Jam section of Electric Minds, as well as host of Bonfire of the Avatars, our regularly scheduled Sunday show. A producer of virtual and live events, he is creator of Cobra Lounge, and co-producer of the monthly Anon Salon parties in San Francisco.
Peter Glover (a.k.a. Zendog) is the Technical Director of Zenda Studio and co-host of Geek Talk.
Pete Maresca (a.k.a. Peduci) is the VP Creative at Zenda Studio and oversees the creative and editorial development of all Zenda titles. He was the Producer for Travelrama USA and Co-Producer for Wacky Jacks.
Anne Brosnahan (a.k.a. Apple Bow) is Associate Producer at Zenda Studio. Watch for her at Charebus games at Saturday's happy hour.
Michael Lampkin (a.k.a. Random) is a consultant currently retained by Zenda Studio and host of the Random Access show.
Jessica Roberts (a.k.a. Jez) is one of the Minds Palace wizards. She is the mother of 2 teenagers and is presently a student studying for her Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University through distance learning.

Click on our monument to cool avatars (below the Community trees) to see portraits of regular Minds Palace dwellers.

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