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May 13

The Long View Back (in the Former Yugoslavia)
Minds Community Member Peter Grunder provides us with a look back in time to discover the genesis of the current entanglements in the former Yugoslavia.

Apr 29

My E-Minds Story
High school sophomore and community member Meena Jagannath offers up a Flash! perspective on the meaning of Minds.

Apr 1

Stolen Treasures: New Revisions
Hitler's dream of a great art museum in Linz, Austria has spawned many unexpected results through an engaging web-based collaborative art project in this Flash! from Toronto's Mark Jones.

Mar 18

"Youth, Lightness, and Good Spirits": le Festival du Voyageur
The frozen winters of Manitoba provide historically entertaining possibilities providing you work with what you've got, which is what Grant Czerepak shows us in Flash!

Mar 4

New Media Tug O' War on the Riviera
Bob Mohl leaves his Paris Houseboat to float on down to the Riviera to give us a special Flash! report on the Milia Media market show.

Feb 18

In Jam Flash!, Mark Petrakis recaps three months of action in his State of the Jam address.

Dec 24

ho, ho, no!
Ho, Ho, No: the throngs of holiday tourists make Mark McClusky cranky.

Dec 23

close encounters of the austin kind: willard uncapher
Down Austin way, Jon Lebkowsky encounters net pioneer, Willard Uncapher, who is working to intensify the transforming social power of the net.

Dec 5

cyberspace, italian-style
Bernardo Parrella returns home to reconnect with old friends who are lighting up cyberspace in Italy.

Nov 30

jeffrey cook takes you to the next olympic city

Nov 11

controlled coincidences
chibarei meets john c. lilly

Nov 11

mark petrakis welcomes you to the 3DUBDOTJAMARAMA!
Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis intros the World Wide Jam with a look at jamming, the world, and the collaborative state of the electric mind.

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