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controlled coincidences
chibarei meets john c. lilly

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits."
- John C. Lilly

john and reiko
Chibarei 21, John Lilly 81

JL: "Once I took ketamine while laying on my back on a tennis court. Suddenly a cosmic alien on a space scooter came down and took me on a space journey to a galactic amusement park. Later, at a conference, I talked about this experience. After the talk a young man asked me the exact time of the trip. After some time zone synching, we realized that we had both taken ketamine at the same time and had the exact same trip. ECCO." <laughs>

CR: "That reminds me of my recent photo shoot where I dressed up like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I read all of the books before the shoot and during the shoot, as I nodded off, a little rabbit took me on a wild journey into a weird place. You remind me of the mad hatter." <smile>

JL: "Cosmic humor is very important."

CR: "Yes. A lot of my friends in Tokyo are great fans of yours, but often I think they miss the humor just reading your books. Your smile at the end of your alien tales make them cosmicly funny vs. scary for me. I think a lot of the recent spiritual stuff in Japan is so serious that it turns the young people off. John, you're very funny and would be a great hit among my generation in Japan. I think people in Japan make you out to be to serious."

JL: "You know, there are no sea gulls on Maui."

CR: "Really? Why not?"

JL: "I don't know..."

Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D. (1915- ) is a physician and psychoanalyst specializing in biophysics, neurophysiology, electronics, computer theory, and neuroanatomy. Inventor of The Isolation Tank Method of exploring consciousness. This work led him to study the large-brained aquatic life forms and a 1964 experiment with Margaret Howe which resulted in a dolphin named Peter at least mimicking if not learning to actually speak English. Author of the milestone "Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer" and others. Blazed a path of scientific inquiry which has yet to be recognized and pursued by certain cultures, except for military applications.

cheek to cheek

Chibarei is an aging (twenty one!) pop idol in Japan who has turned her attentions almost exclusively to the Internet.


windwalker said:

I am once again a very small child exploring the paths through the Montana woods and find a place of total enchantment where there lived a very wise old man who taught me to talk to the fairies on their huge sunflower telephones and walk down a magic path to where the trout filled pond lay glistening in the sun. An old dead tree stump, carved with nitches here and there and a crow's nest sat atop it waiting for its owner to come cawing back, while I, in awe and wonder, saw a Fairy Post Office which held from time to time, a pack of Wrigleys Juicy Fruit gum, a string of pearls or a nail set to fix my nails. How I loved that gentle soul and often wished his tale be told. His name was Hawkins and the place was Absarokee, Montana

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"Cosmic Love is absolutelely Ruthless and Highly Indifferent: it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not."
-Excerpt from "The Dyadic Cyclone"

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