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Your Virtual Meeting Place

Now your organization can create a single unified environment online. Imagine a space where you can log in to see and participate in common areas where your colleagues meet to share information and knowledge, as well as customized private meeting spaces where they engage in group discussions. An online meeting center offers the facilities of a global twenty-four hour collaboration center:
  • private meeting and conferencing areas for communities of practice
  • virtual teams facilities for planning and holding meetings and professional conferences
  • a learning center and more
An online meeting center features:
  • a welcome center
  • resource library
  • help center, and
  • membership directory
as well as
  • bookstores
  • cafés
  • open conversation space
  • other common areas for informal conversations and information-sharing
With an online meeting center, participation requires only a standard Web browser and you don't have to worry about:
  • the cost of setting up and maintaining a server.
  • supporting or upgrading software and the like.
  • the latest version of the communication software.
  • accessibility because your meeting center can be networked.
  • direct connections to multiple high-speed Internet backbones.
  • security because Caucus and WebCrossing forum software each feature a full suite of available security options to safeguard the integrity of your information.

Your executive committee can use regular, facilitated chats or web conferences to conduct ongoing meetings at the convenience of each committee member.

We can furnish all the facilities -- all your people need is a net connection and a web browse or we can help you install appropriate software on your own servers.

Most importantly, we teach you how to use online meeting media to maximum advantage.

Our facilitators can help you get up to speed with chat software and facilitation skills.

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