Frequently Asked Questions: Your View

How do I see new responses in the conferences on my Favorite Conferences page?
Click on "Read New Responses" from the Your View screen. This will show you all the new responses in all the conferences on your Favorite Conferences list. You can change the way these responses are viewed by clicking on
Settings in the lower left-hand frame.

How do I see which conferences have new responses from my Favorite Conferences page?
A New flag will appear next to any conference with new responses. Click on the new tag to view the new responses in that conference only.

How do I add a Conference to my Favorite Conferences list?
Clicking on "Add A Favorite Conference" will take you to the Conferences section of the Settings area. From there, you will be able to add and delete conferences as well as changing the order in which they appear on your Favorite Conferences list.

You can also type add [conference name] in the shortcut box.

What are Placemarks?
Placemarks allow you to highlight a particular part of a discussion with a mark Engaged remembers, so you may come back to it at any time in the future. When you placemark a response, Engaged remembers it and displays the placemark in the "Placemarked Responses" section of the Your View page.

How do I placemark a response?
To the left of each response is a check box. Click the check box next to response and click "Save Placemarks" at the bottom of the page. The next time you load your Placemarks page, you will see the marked response on your list.

How do I delete a placemark?
Go to the placemarked response, and deselect the checked box. Make sure to click "Save Placemarks."

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