About the Social Media Classroom

The Social Media Classroom is a free and open-source (Drupal based) web service that provides teachers and learners with an integrated set of social media that each course can use for its own purposes -- integrated forum, blog, comment, wiki, social bookmarking, and mindmaps. Howard Rheingold was awarded a small grant from the MacArthur Foundation to work with Drupal developer Sam Rose to create the SMC. You can find out about the SMC, download and install the software, ask for a hosted instance, access information about using social media for teaching and learning at the Social Media Classroom website. Note that the user interface for the SMC website resembles that of Rheingold U (designed by ideacodes) -- so you will have to use your back button on your browser or click here to get back to Rheingold U.

Recent News & Announcements

March 27, 2014

Toward a Literacy of Cooperation ($300 individuals, $250 if you have taken a previous RU course, $500 if employer reimburses - limited to 30 learners; registration closes February 22, 2018)

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