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new york - jessica safran

The telesphere can get pretty wacky. It's easy to get all tripped out on the hype. When flames start to rise, it's easy to get all crazy caught up in the heat. When rudeness breaks out, it's real easy to get rude in return. What's not so easy is to keep your head, stay cool, and do it with style. Style, that's the high ground in these electronic times, and that's where I found Jessica. I'm grateful she's with us. I'm hoping she'll lead the way in unpacking and reprogramming some of the more unruly aspects of life in New Yawk and here in pseudospace.

- mark petrakis
In the beginning, ...

I was born in NYC,
lived there until I went to college in Connecticut,
experienced culture shock,
left the country,
came back and finished college,
went to the School of Visual Arts,
started playing with computer graphics,
worked as a photo assistant for no money,
and waited tables for almost no money.

Then suddenly, ...

I realized it was time to leave the country again. Loved working in the photo industry and going to art school, but home is sometimes a place you need to leave. My one way ticket brought me to the southern hemisphere and eventually landed me, (several treks and countries later) in Berlin, where I met this guy who taught me German.....whom I ended up marrying. We moved to New York, where we co-founded an alternative high school a few years ago with an extraordinary group of people. Then we went to graduate school to recover from it.

And finally, ...

Upon completing grad school, I've become an "educational consultant/multimedia content developer/producer/artist/etc. I would like to be an airplane pilot when I grow up.

Also in New York: Mark McClusky

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