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jon lebkowsky

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Apr 22

On a Rock and Roll Fire Truck
Jon Lebkowsky visits once famous rocker Shawn Phillips, who now divides his time down in Austin between digital sequencers and fire trucks.

Mar 25

A Parisian Spring in Austin
Austin musician and part-time Parisian Joseph Rowe compares slackers and postmoderns in this Jam conversation with Jon Lebkowsky.

Feb 25

vr in 3space - realspace, mindspace, cyberspace
Follow Austin hardware innovator Brian Park's quest for the ultimate VR simulator in this Jam report from Jon Lebkowsky.

Jan 28

going native in cyberspace
Austin cyberarts pioneer, Bob Anderson's passion for pixels and networked collaboration are explored in this encounter with Jon Lebkowsky.

Jan 7

cyberdawgs and cyber rights: eff-austin rocks on!
A biased observer, and long-time board member of EFF-Austin, Jon Lebkowsky reviews its history and looks into its future.

Nov 25

freewheelin' in austin
Over the course of two decades living in Austin I've run side by side with just about every cultural wave that has hit this town....

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