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A news program with groupies? Enthusiastic viewers of ABC's overnight news programming, World News Now, gather on this mailing list to talk about the quirky news show. No mere gathering of insomniacs, this is a lively, wickedly smart group of people with a fair if biting perspective. Many participants with day jobs tape the show, which is testament to its draw since the news is often stale by the time a tape is viewed. Although the emphasis is on World News Now, many aspects of ABC's news organization and programming are discussed. Even those commercials which seem to run only at 3am are noted, as in a discussion about Dave Barry's take on the Gold Bond Medicated Powder commercials which seem to run every 45 seconds at that hour. Amid pointed observations and the occasional flight of fancy - including a recent thread of limericks about World News Now - a lot about list participants' real lives slips in, such as birth announcements and similar milestones. If you know all the words to the "World News Polka," you belong on this list.-E.L.

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