elizabeth lewis

cyberspace anthropologist

In the beginning...

I started training from an early age to be a smartass. Being schooled by nuns, I had plenty of opportunity to practice, and, of course, received immediate feedback. I was enormously successful.

Okay, really I was a very serious child. I had much responsibility from an early age. Always liked being around adults far more than my peers. I once wrote the governor to allow me special permission to hold a job after school. I was nine. Everything mattered to me a great deal, and I was caught up early with the civil and women's rights movements, protesting the war in Vietnam, and being as much a part of the counterculture scene as possible on weekend. I was, though, basically a sheltered, suburban religious teen who had finishing school after regular school. It is still a blow for freedom when I don't match my purse, shoes and belt. As I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, never once could I have imagined what I am doing this very minute online.

Then suddenly...

One of my many and varied jobs in my 20s (often refered to as The Lost Years by lizabeth historians) sent me to word processing class. This was when every page was saved as its own file. I got it fast. I learned various dedicated word processors and eventually started training people in how to do word processing, spreadsheets and other goodies. I did years of technical writing and training. Then more years of corporate marketing writing of a technical nature. On the side I configured systems for small businesses, ran a BBS, and spent countless hours geeking out. I've left corporateland behind me, and now do freelance writing and net researching with my partner and SO, Steve Glaser. We live together with three dogs, an ancient cat, and a 13 year old boy.

And finally...

I like the work I'm doing, but wish it could be more (cliché alert) meaningful and socially relevant. I'd like to travel much more than I have. I would like to go back and learn the mathematics I skipped in high school. I would like to see "Les Miserables" more often and own every version in all of the 20+ languages it's been recorded in. I would like to meet Robin Williams. Most days, though, I consider it a major accomplishment to take something out of the freezer for dinner.

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