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Although fairly new, Teen-list is already a classic back-porch sort of community. Teens hang out here, talk about the meaningless as well as the meaningful, kid each other, say nice things about each other, gripe about their day, comment on their classes, and toss one-liners around. Sometimes the discussion is about nothing more important that Coke vs. Pepsi, or interesting things to do with ASCII in their posts. Yet if people start putting themselves down, others will commiserate without a false "oh, that can't be true." But what's said is often less important than the fact that the participants are all there yakking, getting mail into each other's mailbox, and just staying in touch. You won't find much Great Meaning here or many deep insights into teenage life. You will find a bunch of nice young people who like each other enough to want to keep the conversation going, to the tune of 100 to 150 messages a day. -E.L.

Subject: teenage life

Geography: global

Format: mailing list

Language: English

Cost: no cost

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