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Magic of Believing

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"By joining us today you are no longer alone." This the beginning of the information file for the Magic of Believing list, and it's a theme that is carried out through dozens of messages between participants each day. MOB is a support group for people trying to lose weight. There are no specific diets and members talk about many food plans, discussing the pros and cons of each and strategies for sticking with them. Although the list is open to anyone who wants to lose weight, most people seem to have more than a few pounds to lose. Newcomers usually introduce themselves through a short questionnaire and are warmly welcomed. Some people post their food logs and most routinely report progress or lack thereof. A constant theme is relief: that you're not alone, that someone else has done the same weird behaviors around food you have, that others have multiple false starts. Members share the gamut of emotions, highs and lows, that unfold during a major life change. A happy thread about fitting into smaller jeans takes place along side another about sheer desperation and depression. There's a lot of practical advice here about things like buying workout clothes in larger sizes or converting recipes that are too high in fat. MOB has an abundance of kindhearted, supportive people who have been there and are more than willing to help newcomers.-E.L.

Subject: weight loss

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