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Participants on this list are interested in self-sufficiency in a cooperative sort of way. Modern homesteading means owning some land, working from home, and using your resources to be as independent as possible. Participants generally raise livestock and small quantities of crops for both subsistence and sale; they often school their children at home and do what they can to live a debt-free, uncomplicated lifestyle. Many are rat-race escapees building lives filled with more quality time. Seventy-five to a hundred messages a day are common - this is a very busy list. The spirit is that of a wired version of the romantic old rural community. Folks are friendly, freely trading information and lending a helping hand. Conversation may deal with any aspect of a rural, self-sufficient life, including running a home-based business, caring for crops and livestock, cooking, handmade necessities and luxuries, family matters and simply how nice it is to be out of the corporate/urban world. -E.L.

Subject: Homesteading and self-sufficiency

Geography: global

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Language: English

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