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There's been an interesting change in the U.S. stereotype of the cigar smoker over the past few years. The older image was of the ruthless politician, salesman, or tycoon with the steamroller personality. The newer image is of a self-centered yuppie fad-follower. A visit to the alt.smokers.cigars newgroups will reveal the truth to be very different. Most of the conversation here is more reminiscent of a group of wine lovers painstakingly discussing different vintages. There's talk of variation in brands and production years, proper storage, the effects of careful and careless aging, and a great many offerings of personal recommendations. Conversation tends to be passionate, but rarely at the expense of politeness or even friendliness. Participants are generally careful to acknowledge that matters of taste must allow for a wide variety of personal inclinations and often make their points with good humor. There is, however, an ongoing debate on the anti-smoking movement in which tempers have flared on both sides, producing more proverbial heat than proverbial light. Other topics of discussion include favorite dealers, worst cigar experiences, cigar-friendly hotels and restaurants, and all aspects of cigar care. Participants have also been known to discuss the social/political issues of cigars, including such matters as tobacco history, the causes of the current cigar boom, and the complicated issue of the Cuban embargo.-E.L.

Subject: tobacco

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