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lionel lumbroso and annick morel

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Mar 25

The Real Cost of Information
Annick Morel visits the Paris center of the European Counter Network (ECN), and learns the hard cost of honest information.

Mar 11

making history at france's new national library
In Paris, the giant new National Library has raised a mix of controversies and admiration from civic-minded Parisians, in this Jam report from Lionel Lumbroso.

Feb 11

36 15 fast money/scamming on minitel
From Paris, Lionel Lumbroso surveys the less than scrupulous practices of bilking money from Minitel users.

Dec 24

internet enters education nationale
Meet a few of the dedicated civil servants behind France's National Education plan for connecting schools to the Internet.

Dec 23

vidèothéque of paris
Annick Morel takes the high-tech tour through the vaults of the Vidèothéque of Paris where the city's media archives are stored and accessible to all.

Nov 25

"parlez-vous l'internet"
...the more important issue raised is why aren't French-language web sites emerging quickly enough to provide alternatives to the English-language sites.

Nov 11

the daily news @ libération
Liberation, a French daily newspaper founded by Jean-Paul Sartre, tries to hold onto its past, while it searches for its future on the web. Lionel Lumbroso reports from Paris.

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