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sydney - justin maynard

Justin picked up on Minds in mid-July. I don't know where he heard about it. He sent e-mail. He wasn't at all fuzzy. He said he wanted to be involved, didn't care how. Fair enough. He was young. Good. He had the juice. Fine. We kept in touch. By September, we were getting a better picture of what we would need to keep the jam on course. Suddenly, energy meant something different than it did in July. One e-mail and Justin was on it. I expect him to stay that way.

- mark petrakis
Justin started out his life in Perth Western Australia. It was here that his interest in Multimedia was founded with his first job at age 16. He hung around in Perth for long enough to study sound at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

In 1995 he moved to Sydney and can now be found working at the Institute For Interactive Multimedia at The University Of Technology Sydney. Justin also works as a freelance Multimedia programmer and web designer.

In his remaining spare time he promotes The Meme Factory a national collective promoting the Cyber arts/culture/technology.

In short ender is a young, energetic, technology savvy kind of guy.

Also in Sydney: Jonathon Delacour

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