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In some ways is just another fan-bang extolling the various virtues of Lucy Lawless, babelicious star of television's Xena, Warrior Princess. Her amazon proportions, her scanty clothing, her ululations and her martial prowess are all part of Xena's fans' sighing discourse. There's even a news group poll about who gives a bigger case of the sweaty thighs: Xena or her sidekick Gabrielle. But the topic that comes up over and over again is whether or not Xena and Gabrielle are doing the between the sheets tango. Because of the show's real or imagined bisexual undertones, has spawned some active conversations about how gays and lesbians are portrayed in prime time television and the nature of friendships between women. The infusion of sexual-politics into this news group gives it the substance it needs to keep readers coming back for more without losing its adoring kitsch-club fun appeal. - D.L.J.

subject matter: media, popular culture

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