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World Data Network (WDN)
dialup: 703/620-8900

What's not to love about a BBS where the sysop proposed to his co-sysop via the Internet? While on bended knee, he typed "Will you marry me?" and she accepted from her business trip to Japan. There is a long history here, since the board was established in 1984 and many of the early users are still around. Many users here are government employees and professionals from the Washington, D.C. area. WDN networks include Fido, RIME, Intelec, Ilink, MetroLink, and Pen and Brush. It is also home base for the Capital Area Sysops Association, and with over 300 sysops, which makes for some interesting discussion. Users have over 80 door games to choose from in addition to chat facilities. - E.L.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: global, Washington, D.C.

format: conferencing (BBS using PC Board)

language: English

cost: $36 per year and up depending on access level.

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