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Women Online Worldwide
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WOW describes itself as an environment focusing on the spirit of womankind, existing to facilitate the personal and professional development of each participant. When you get right down to it, that pretty well embraces the entirety of life for half of the world's population plus their friends (since men are welcome too, providing that they're aboard as respectful participants). The range of conversation is, therefore, very wide indeed. Art and literature, computers and cyberspace, hobbies, pets, politics, religion, sports, and Star Trek all have prominent places among the 26 bulletin board areas, along with topics like girls and teens, parenting, sexuality issues and violence against women. The Funny Stuff board contains some of the same humor that one finds throughout the net, but also discussions of the worst pick-up lines participants have ever been subjected to and amusing reminiscences of childhood Barbie dolls. The live chat room, WomensSpace, can be accessed by any web browser set up with web-based IRC capability or any stand-alone IRC software. Just about any topic may pop up there for hosted conversation. Serious conversations on family or social issues, lighthearted discussions about favorite music, trivia games, exercises to sharpen writing skills, and freeform chat can all be found at various times. Participants tend to be thoughtful and usually focused on whatever topic is at hand. But they clearly enjoy each others' company and rarely pass up an opportunity to laugh. Other key features of WOW include a bi-monthly Webzine called "Tapestry," featuring articles of interest to women and "The Motherlode," a vast assortment of reading materials, utilities, and sundry information. - E.L.

subject matter: gender-specific community, general conversation

regional affiliation: global

format: conferencing, chat, WWW pages

language: English

cost: no cost

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