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Until recently, TravelTalk was known as CaribTalk and was an information exchange for travelers to the Caribbean. It has recently begun expansion to cover all regions of the world, but for now the emphasis is still on the Caribbean. Pleasure seekers, vacationers, and civic-minded individuals with a love for the region gather here to trade tips and discuss issues of the area. What are the best places to vacation for endless golf, or the best sailing, or sheer sensual hedonism? What's the name of that great band you heard last year? What's the truth behind the news reports coming from your favorite island? Bulletin boards are grouped by generic theme (sailing, golf, "bare bum beaches," alternative sports, etc.) or by island. There is one section of boards for talk about matters of tourism and travel and another to deal with such community matters as politics, real estate, literature and culture. In reality, however, the topic tend to overlap in both sections, especially on the island-specific boards. There's lot of help to be found here from people who love to travel in the Caribbean. - E.L.

subject matter: travel, Caribbean

regional affiliation: Caribbean, global

format: conferencing

language: English

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