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Transformations is a home base for a wide assortment of self-help and support communities, and there's a certain amount of crossover, making the site a metacommunity in its own right. Much of the interaction takes place on bulletin boards covering topic areas as diverse as 12-step programs, health, travel, adoption, genealogy and support groups and workshops. The support group area alone features discussions ranging from the challenges facing abuse survivors to parents of children with Laurence Moon Beidl Syndrome. While the attitude throughout the board is predominantly positive and optimistic, this is no gathering of Pollyannas. Many posts, such as some in the prostitution discussion, for example, can be quite chilling. This is a group that believes that they can continuously improve themselves and their lives -- and they're not averse to having some fun along the way. If you drop in, don't overlook the "board games" area, where you can see just how clever many of these improving minds can be. There are also five live chat areas accessible on the web for those whose web browsers are set for IRC-based chat. Others can join the conversation through IRC on the qworld server at or The five chat rooms are: #SupportGroup, shared by various groups; #12StepsRoom, shared by several 12 Step Groups; #MSChat, a Multiple Sclerosis support group; #Caregivers, for those who take care of others; and #PTSOnline, for educators and others interested in education issues. - E.L.

subject matter: self-help, families, education

regional affiliation: global

format: chat, WWW pages

language: English

cost: no cost

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