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Toriphiles unite to mull over in excruciating detail all things that are the popular music star Tori Amos. is a respite for followers who are misunderstood and accused of obsessive behavior by the uninitiated. Are they obsessive? One person responded to the question of what he liked about Tori with this: "...but her songs are me the way nothing else is. "She is a goddess, a faerie, a mystic form who sings to the soul of the listener." The old school fans bitch and moan about the "alterna-kids" -- the bipsy-back-pack sporting, baby-tee shirt wearing newbies who have the audacity to yell during Amos performances. Apparently yelling during a show is a transgression in the church of Tori, as is making out, screaming out song requests or cheering when sexual lyrics pop up. The only appropriate homage is to sit or stand quietly, mesmerized by the red-headed pianist. The true Toriphiles wait until they are among their own in to sigh about their patron saint. - D.L.J.

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