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You know that friend who shouts out the line during The Blues Brothers before Jake says, "Four fried chickens . . . and a Coke"? is populated nearly entirely by such people. This community is based on more than just getting the joke. You have to know the joke, breathe the joke, set your VCR to record the joke. Alt-tv.the-tick us all about Fox's Saturday morning cartoon, The Tick -- a big blue superhero whose superpower is that he's nigh invincible, often despite himself. There are all levels of Tick aficionados, to the newly indoctrinated to the freakishly obsessed. The newsgroup validates the remote control jockeys who pore over the minute details of this cartoon and compare notes with their compadres. New episodes are discussed and the romantic possibilities of the characters are slavishly speculated upon. supports an excellent FAQ that provides URLs to get cool Tick products, sound clips, and even more Tick trivia. - D.L.J.

subject matter: media, popular culture

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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