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Alternative sexuality groups seem to form some of the strongest communities on the Net. Thyst-l has been around for years and their membership reflects it. These folks know who are regulars and who is new to the list, and some have met in person. More focused than the newsgroups pertaining to BDSM (the practices of bondage, domination/discipline, sadism and masochism), Thyst-l is no less contentious or full of people with opinions. What is striking about this group is their willingness to tackle tricky and difficult issues. They are just as likely to take on a long discussion about the difference between BDSM and violence, feminism and submission, or safety matters as they are techniques in whip making or where to buy good leather restraints. This is a thoughtful yet playful group who look to each other for quality conversation, information and like-minded friends. - E.L.

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