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Suicide Survivors

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When a loved ones decides to end their lives, those they leave behind are often confused, confronted with feelings of anger and guilt, and in great pain. People who participate in this list share their stories with each other, exchange ideas for coping, and generally console each other as they deal with their tragedies. The discussion isn't all hearts and flowers, either -- what consoles can be reading the autopsy report, imaging the suicide, or detailed accounts of viewing the body before burial. In one discussion, a participant spoke of how difficult it was to close out their teenager's small bank account, because who would expect someone so young to leave a will? This sparked many similar accounts, including parents who were sent a bill for two month's rent because their child had not given sixty days notice before killing himself. Somehow list members manage to turn from their own loss of a spouse, child, brother, sister, parent or friend long enough to reach out to new members, or to ask each other how they are doing. - E.L.

subject matter: mental health, self-help

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