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The Spring

The Spring is an Austin, Texas based conferencing system. While the Spring has been around for a while, its management recently restarted their conferences in conjunction with a move to new software and an expanded presence on the Web. The Spring includes several general discussion conferences for users from Austin and worldwide. It also includes some interesting themed conferences, like William Meyers's conference for discussion of cultures, and the "apps" conference, which is a discussion of internet software, linked to Stroud's reviews site. They have recently provided a home for a group of Jane Austen enthusiasts looking to discuss her work. Paul Terry Walhus, founder of the Spring, says that they will be looking for more groups like these for whom to build conferences and websites. - D.L.

subject matter: general conversation the net literature

regional affiliation: Austin, Texas global

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: no cost

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