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newsgroup: alt.smokers

"Get your butt out of my nose" is part of the witty repartee that will confront you at alt.smokers. The missionaries are running amok with orders from god to save the heathens' infernal lungs. But if you can get past the inane bickering, you can pick up some tasty tidbits on tobacco. For example, I learned that English blends are flue-cured, American blends (i.e. Marlboro) are a combination of burly and flue-cured tobacco, and Camel adds a little Oriental tobacco to the mix. Who knew? The smokers here have circled their wagons and embraced their vice. They rebut the idea that second hand smoke kills, wonder at which point their cilia in their lungs will never grow back, and review smoking through the ages (it was mandatory to smoke at Eton in the 1700s). The rallying cry to smokers everywhere: Smoke em if you got em. - D.L.J.

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