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The River

"If you don't like how something is done, then do it yourself." This tenet brought the River into existence. Once upon a time, some users on the WELL decided that they wanted a conferencing system created in their own image. So they joined together in a cooperative venture where the conferencing system is owned and operated by the member-participants. Less than two years old, it's a boisterous place with an emerging sense of self-government. Suddenly thrown in the position of "ownership" the members of the River had to hash out differences of vision and control. These shared experiences have created a bond between the fifty or so member-participants. Allsorts of topics are under discussion. Conferences of note include Inquiry, Technology and Being.- E.L.

subject matter: general discussion

regional affiliation: global, San Francisco

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: $20.00 monthly, unlimited use. New users get two months for the price of one.

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