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ResRocket Realtime Jamming Online
telnet as a registered user to 1111 ( 1111)

Join a world wide jam session in RRSMOO, where you can groove with musicians from Oslo, San Francisco, and Notting Hill. Or if you're looking for comments on your freshly mixed MIDI files, upload them to your locker for other others to browse. Based out of a studio in Notting Hill, west London, Internet band Res Rocket Surfer invite musicians to hook up their MIDIs to jam in real time, using the Distributed Realtime Groove Network realtime jamming DRGN software. While the realtime jamming takes place on the web, the realtime chat takes place on their MOO. On the web, go to the control room to sample some tracks and add comments, or go the ResRocket Backstage Bar on the MOO to hang and chat. DRGN (pronounced "dragon") is in alpha testing right now, but you can listen in on the sessions now with Shockwave or RealAudio. Check them out on Sunday nights, around 10 pm London time. - T.H.

subject matter: music

regional affiliation: global

format: text-based multi-user environment World Wide Web site; RealAudio needed to listen in on jam sessions.

language: English

cost: no cost

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