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You know how when you find some new thing--Indian film music, Hong Kong action movies, Ethiopian food--you can't help gushing about it, telling all your friends about it, getting as much of it as you can and then looking for more? That's how a lot of people get about Japanese animation, also known as Anime. No one does 'toons like the Japanese. You can find everything from the dementedly precious Hello Kitty animations to older kid and teen stuff like Sailor Moon and Speed Racer, from serious war tales such as The Grave of Fireflies to the sex-&-violence-Id-on-overdrive insanity of Legend of the Overfiend. Oh , and there are the dozens of science fiction and fantasy 'toons: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, Macross, Devil Hunter Yohko, Battle Angel, Fist of the North Star, The Guyver, and on and on and on. The community of people who hang out in rec.arts.anime seem to know them all. You can argue fine points of plot, character development or just bask in the glow of the latest installment of Oh My Goddess!. You'll find convention listings, lots of info on Anime-related comix, books and conventions. And since all these 'toons are from Japan, you can join in on the endless dubbed vs. subtitled debate, the answer to which is sort of the Holy Grail of foreign movie/cartoon fans.-R.K.

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