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Visitors to PernMUSH will inevitably stumble across a variety of dragons so cute they'll want to register a character just so they can get one of their very own. But the dragons are part of the larger picture of role-playing in PernMUSH, one of the more popular of the many role-playing MUSHes based on Anne McCaffrey's DragonRiders of Pern books. Knowledge or familiarity with the books will help new users understand the context of the MUSH but isn't necessary to enjoy role-playing. The series' incredible popularity among Internet users makes online resources easy to find for those wanting to find out more about Pern before playing. Definitely try to catch a dragon hatching - it's an event not to be missed. - T.H.

subject matter: role-playing, literature

regional affiliation: global

format: text-based multi-user environment

language: English

cost: no cost

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