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Pax Magica

telnet: 7911

Pax Magica is a richly textured role-playing world of the myth, magic, and history of medieval Europe. The number of players connected at a time doesn't compare with one of the more hugely popular role-playing MUSHes, like AmberMUSH or PernMUSH. But what Pax Magica lacks in popularity, it makes up in depth. The playing environment - 13th century Venice - is extremely well detailed and immersive. Venetian architecture, historical events like the Crusades, medieval myth, and even typical Venetian food of the period are all details worked into Pax Magica. Character development is based on social classes, perhaps the most important aspect of medieval life. The MUSH is based on Ars Magica, an off-line game. Unlike many MUSHes which require knowledge of a book or television series, however, you don't need to know about Ars Magica to play, just an interest in medieval history and a desire for quality role-playing. See you at the Ponte dei Pugni, and don't forget to tithe. - T.H.

subject matter: role-playing, regional affiliation

regional affiliation: global, Italy

format: text-based multi-user environment

language: English

cost: no cost

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