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New York Online

If you want a taste of New York utopia- the diversity, the creativity, the barrage of opinions without the crime, dirt and traffic jams, then New York Online can be your BBS home. Known for an ethnically diverse user base and ultra urbane hipness, York Online features a bulletin board with a wide range of topics, chat opportunities with performers and thinkers central to the New York African-American community. The NYO community is small but tightly-knit and is a great group of people to hang out with even if you don't live in The City (sometimes, you just need that NYC fix).- J.S.D.

subject matter: general conversation, New York City, regional affiliation

regional affiliation: New York City

format: conferencing (FirstClass BBS)

language: English

cost: $7.95 per month. Free one-week trial period for new members.

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