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A group of Bay Area Webheads got together in North Beach one night to talk shop. They saw the words "No End" out the window, and thus christened their group, which gathers online and off to discuss the Web and new media. Though discussion centers around developments and happenings in the new media world, list personalities keep discussion homey and earthy. In a typical day, list members talk about JavaScript and HTML, argue over Windows vs. Mac vs. Netscape vs. Microsoft-- but also share wit, poetry and jokes with each other. People ask about Internet cafes in Berlin, and advertise jobs. Flame wars explode over controversial topics, but the list continues on with its warm personalities and open approaches to new media. In addition, not all members are Bay Area locals. Inspired by NoEnd's on and offline community, a group of Swedish Web developers started their own similar group, and comment on the NoEnd list happenings. NoEnd meets weekly at an art studio in San Francisco for technology demonstrations and beverages. For more information about the weekly gatherings, subscribe to the list. - M.W.S.

subject matter: the net

regional affiliation: San Francisco global

format: mailing list, WWW pages

language: English

cost: no cost

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