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The New England Hearth & Home mailing list is for people who live and work in New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Spend a single winter in their neck of the woods and you'll know why these participants are interested in self-sufficiency and making it through some tough times. Participants discuss the tight job market, home businesses, gardening and farming, handicrafts, cooking, animal husbandry, home schooling, bed and breakfasts, skiing and New England history and lore. A recent thread about goats was reminiscent of how most folks talk about their dogs or cats. Of course, the weather is a major topic of discussion during the winter. Some folks have started bartering goods and services in true New England fashion but with a '90s twist - the group is developing a database for the list that will track bartering offers. -E.L.

subject matter: general conversation, regional affiliation

regional affiliation: New England, global

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