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Native American Chat
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Native Americans gather here, sometimes to discuss their heritage but more often just to relax in the company of other Native Americans. Upcoming and recent pow wows may often be a topic of conversation and chats have covered such topics as movies and books by and about Native Americans, tribal traditions, and techniques for bleaching animals skulls. We walked into the room in the middle of a virtual water-balloon fight, though, so it was immediately clear that fun and friendship were the main concerns of the moment. Despite occasional bouts of frivolity, members of this group are serious about their heritage and it shows in even their casual conversation, as well as in the images they choose to accompany their chat. Friendships formed here sometimes go beyond the screen as participants may talk on the phone or meet at native American cultural events. - E.L.

subject matter: Native American issues, general conversation

regional affiliation: North America

format: chat

language: English

cost: no cost

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